Appetizer - Signature Dishes

Mud Mug mix Kebab Platter ( Lamb , chicken , Fish , Prawn,Yoghurt kebab )

35 AED

Special Barbaque Marinated slow roast meat served with hummus and pita bread In our tarrocota Platter

Crumb Fried crispy Calamari

22 AED

Crispy panko crumb siquid seasoned with the salt, pepper and garlic powder

Chilly Prawn Rider

25 AED

High flame Stir together honey, peppercorns, soy sauce , garlic with Prawn

Raclette Cheese with Cracker & Gurkin

25 AED

Semi hard cow’s milk baked cheese served with crackers & olives

Other Appetizer Dishes

Cajun spiced Fish Cake

22 AED

Cajun spiced , Kafir lime , Chestnut mixture Tuna fish served with tatar sauce

Paprika BBQ chicken satay Gai with Peanut sauce

20 AED

Pan seared chicken supreme marinated with thai sauce grilled pineapple