Soup - Signature Dishes

Asparagus & Leek Soup

20 AED

Melt butter mix. With blend of asparagus & leek served with parmesan cheese

Tom Yum Soup

20 AED

Spicy Thai herb soup with prawn, glangal, lemon grass & mushroom Kafir leaves

Other Soup Dishes


Cream of Broccoli & Chickpea Soup

16 AED

Saute onion, leek and celery until tender mix with broccoli & chickpea puree served with cream

Americana Sweet Corn

16 AED

Garlic flavoured Mix corn starch, vegetables with salt & pepper

Non Vegetarian

Mud Mug Sea Food Chowder

20 AED

A chunky, thick creamy soup with mix sea food

Cream of Chicken Soup

16 AED

Melt butter add onion, celery, mushroom and garlic saute until soft served with chicken chunks