Hot Entree - Signature Dishes

Grilled Mix. Sea Food Tagliatelle

38 AED

Garlic infused fish , prawn , mussels , creamy sauce served with parsley Tagliatelle pasta

Roasted Lamb Chop with Thyme jus

40 AED

Marinated roasted lamb chop in oven served with vegetables , Mashed Potato & traditionally made thyme jus

Chicken Roulade with Wild Mushroom & Tomato Sauce

38 AED

Stuffed bellpepper, pokchoy ,olives, greens Baked chicken served with red cherry tomato sauce

Herb Roasted Beef Steak with Asparagus

40 AED

Mince garlic, rosemary,season with salt & Pepper steak with Mashed Potato & asparagus

Other Hot Entree Dishes

Pasta of Your Choice

38 AED

Choose one from our Italian Pasta range ( Fussili / Penne / Spaghetti ) Along with your favorite sauce ( Arrabiatta /Cream Chesse / Basil Pesto ) ( Chicken / Prawn / Vegtable )

Rosmerry braised Lamb Shank

40 AED

Seasoned slow cooked lamb shanks with salt , pepper & herbs served with Mashed potato corn sauce